History of Alvin Lutheran Church

    In November of 1937, a group of local citizens in Alvin desiring for a spiritual help bonded together and formulated a church constitution, calling the church Alvin Evangelical Lutheran Church. The first meeting was held on November 4, 1937 with the Reverend William Hill from Damon, TX serving as an Interim Pastor. 

    On July 20, 1947, Alvin Lutheran purchased Chapel Building No. 138 at Camp Wallace in Hitchcock, TX, in Galveston County from the government for $1,625.00 The Chapel was to be used as a church. The building was torn down to the ground and moved to Alvin piece by piece. Additional items were added to the building such as a steeple, the bell, a new roof, a new paint job, bringing the final bill for the new church to $9,200.00. The new church was dedicated on March 14, 1948.

     In June of 1954, services were changed for the first time to 8:30am due to the excessive heat throughout the summer. It wouldn’t be until 1983, that two services were introduced: 8:30am & 10:30am

    In 1966, the statue in the chancel of the church was removed and replaced with a red dossal curtain and a silver cross was suspended in front of the curtain. That cross now hangs in front of the stained glass cross in our present sanctuary.

     On January 9, 1972, Marge Taylor became the first woman elected as president of our congregation as well as the first in our district.

     In 1974, the narthex was repainted and a free standing altar was built by Oscar Dube, Warren Small, and Billy Struckmeyer. The pulpit was refinished with a veneer to match the altar. To further enhance the appearance of the altar area, a new dossal curtain and new paraments were added.

     In 1977, new windows were installed in the church to allow more light inside the sanctuary.

     In November 1987, Alvin Lutheran celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary. Also that same year, Alvin Lutheran Church became affiliated with the newly formed Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

     In December 1993, the Location Committee recommended that Alvin Lutheran Church relocate. By a vote of 82 for, and 11 against, the congregation voted to relocate and form a relocation committee.

     In 1994, Alvin Lutheran purchased 11 acres on our current site on F.M. 1462 for $68,000. The old facility on Adoue St was sold in 1999. Ground was broken in early 2000 on our current facility. During that time, Alvin Lutheran worshiped at Alvin Elementary School during the construction phase. During a congregational meeting on October 29, 2000, the possibility of changing the name of the church was explored. It was decided to leave the name as is, except to officially drop Evangelical from the records, and remain Alvin Lutheran Church. The new facility was dedicated on December 10, 2000. 

    The construction of a bell tower consisting of three crosses with the bell in the center began under the direction of Kenny Shry, with completion in October of 2003. Later on in that same year, on October 15, 2003, Alvin Lutheran hosted it’s first annual Oktoberfest. This tradition continues on to this very day.

     Alvin Lutheran Church hosted the Alvin Community Thanksgiving service on November 21, 2004.

    In January 2006, we began hosting a monthly Bunco night for members and friends from other Alvin congregations. The fifth Sunday potluck was also initiated in January as well. Both of these traditions continue to this day. Additionally in 2006, a display case to hold church artifacts from our past was bought and moved to the Narthex. Stained glass panels were purchased from IHS Studio in Fredericksburg, Texas, through funds from sponsorships of ALC members.

        On November 3, 2013, Alvin Lutheran Church celebrated its 75th Anniversary. The celebration culminated with our church building debt being paid in full. The “Burning of the Note” was part of the day’s events in addition to commemorative pavers being dedicated and a reception followed.