COVID-19 Update
Dear Alvin Lutheran Church,
I am writing this message to let you know the Church Leadership Team met last night to discuss COVID-19 and related issues. We understand this is a very difficult time to be separated from your friends and the church community.
As you have probably read, churches across the Houston area have been debating when to re-open (i.e. return to in person services). Some have returned, while others have said the earliest they will return would be June or July.
Please know, the church will re-open and be better than ever before. While Council and Pastor Tim are eager to return, there are many issues that must be considered before that can happen:
• What are the recommendations of the ELCA and Synod?
• What are the health risks for returning? Safety will always be our top priority.
• What data will we use when determining when to re-open? Many health experts recommend 10-14 consecutive days of declining cases.
• Between now and when we re-open, are there transition services that can be held (ex- parking lot services)?
• When we do re-open, what considerations or precautions need to be put in place? Will this include various phases?
To study these issues, the church leadership team has decided to form a committee. This committee, co-chaired by Ed Dohmann and Phyllis Alexander, will help ensure health benchmarks have been met and a transition plan is in place before we return.
During this transition period, please continue to serve our extended church community. Check on other members to make sure they are ok. We also need you to continue to support the church through our various giving options.
In closing, I would like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day weekend.
Yours truly,
Darrell Alexander
President – ALC Leadership Team